8 Mile Movie 15th Premiere Anniversary

“8 Mile” celebrated its 15th anniversary Wednesday night at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema on 8 Mile Road, the same theater that held the film’s premiere in 2002. Eminem was not present at the celebration.

Eminem, caught in rehearsals for his performance on Sunday’s MTV Europe Music Awards, was a no-show on Wednesday, but several other stars from the film walked the red carpet set up inside the theater’s lobby prior to the scheduled 7 p.m. screenings. Among them was Omar Miller, who played Sol George, and Detroit rapper Miz Korona, who shared a memorable scene with rapper Xzibit in the film. Rapper T3 of Slum Village and Eminem’s D12 bandmate, producer and on-stage hypeman Denaun Porter were also in attendance.

“It’s kind of like watching your life on the screen,” said Porter, who said he last watched “8 Mile” a couple of months ago when he was in a hotel room and it was playing on cable. “It’s still weird to watch it, but I think it means a lot, and it transcended the whole world. It’s kind of crazy.”

“8 Mile” opened on Nov. 8, 2002. It earned $116 million at the North American box office and scored a huge $51 million opening weekend, at the time the second highest opening weekend gross for an R-rated film.

Originally posted on Detroit News

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