Apparently Kevin Spacey Being a Racist and Calling People the N-Word is No Big Deal!

Kevin Spacey reportedly grew angry that African-American staff members were present while taping the first season of House of Cards back in 2012. According to The Daily News, Earl Blue, the head of VIP Protective Services told DailyMail that Spacey screamed, “I don’t want n*****s watching my trailer,” as several Black members of the security staff tuned into the show’s trailer.

Blue claims he brought the insensitive comments to the attention of set managers who reportedly replied, “That’s just the way he is; we’ve got to keep him happy.” Ultimately, Blue’s contract was not renewed despite being told that producers were pleased with their work.

These new accusations now join the lengthy claims of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey. One of the most horrifying claims accuses Spacey of initiating sexual contact with actor Anthony Rapp when the actor was 14-years-old and Spacey was 26.

The disgraced actor has since been fired from House of Cards, replaced in Ridley Scott’s All the Movie In The World and was booted from his pending projects with Netflix.

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