Cardi B Wants a 3Some with Rihanna – Who Doesn’t?

Cardi B’s “She Bad” are going to break the internet: “Tell RiRi I need a threesome.” Cardi B, 25, is full of surprises. Rihanna, 30, hasn’t responded to Cardi B’s lyrics yet, but she should be flattered! This is Cardi B we’re talking about! Just so you know, Cardi and Rihanna have a history. Rihanna sent Cardi B tons of Fenty Beauty after “Bodak Yellow” hit #1 on Billboard charts.

Cardi B also raps about Chrissy Teigen, 32, in the same song! “I need Chrissy Teigen / Know a bad bitch when I see one,” Cardi says. It didn’t take Chrissy long to respond to Cardi B’s lyrics. Chrissy tweeted about the song in the early hours after Cardi’s album release: “Gasp!! *drops biscuits*” Chrissy and Rihanna are the only ladies Cardi mentions in the song, so they should feel special! Girl power for the win. “She Bad” is a banger.


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