Guess Who’s Kevin Durant’s Ex?

Rachel Lindsay!! Yup!! Her and her gal pal, Whitney Fransway, went to the game and watched Mr. Most Valuable Player in the bleachers as he won the NBA Championship. Hmmmm now we know why she wanted the guys to do that basketball game!!! Yeah, I feel ya, Rachel, a little ex comparisons – I gotcha!!!

“They broke up when she went to law school,” an insider told Us earlier this month. “It was a pretty serious relationship.”

The Dallas-based lawyer has found her happily ever after, though. In May, she announced that she’s engaged to one of her season 13 contestants.

“I am very much so in love and very much so engaged!” she told Us and other reporters on a press call. “Every morning I wake up and pinch myself and I keep asking myself if this is really happening. It’s crazy at times. I feel like I don’t even deserve this. I feel like I’m getting everything that I want and I am getting my happy ending.”

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