Hey, Women’s Lib Comes at A Price, Mary J Blige

I am a card carrying FEMINIST, everyone knows that, so can I be upset with this spousal support verdict? If the tables were turned I would screaming VERY LOUDLY:

“Take that MF for ALL HE’S WORTH!!!!!!!!!!”

But the tables are in the favor of the bread winner which, moreso nowadays is the woman, and this time it’s Mary J. Blige. He did cheat so I am not understanding how he got any settlement, but each state laws on alimony is different. But let’s focus on the situation. Here is a guy who started out as her manager. Time went on and a relationship developed and he became her boyfriend , fiance, and then ultimately husband. Now I don’t know all of the ins and outs of their marital home but we all know that Mary was the main bread winner into the millions over him. Hell his main salary came from her. I am sure there were things he did that were above and beyond a simple manager role because he was her HUSBAND. Now she chose him for a good reason, LOVE. Only Mary and Kendu knows what happened behind closed doors except of course the judge who reviewed both of their testimonies and decided that Kendu was deserving of a spousal settlement. This usually happens when the main provider (aka Mary) provides a certain lifestyle for the lower paid spouse (aka Kendu). No matter how we hate this on a social level, the law does not state that it is only the HUSBAND who must provide this and not the wife.

I know this is traditionally not the way things are supposed to be but this is a new day and age where women have fought for equal status on all levels; does this not include marital financial status?? Now personally I do feel that, even as a feminist, that a man is pretty much a money grubbing WUSS to even file this kind of lawsuit but hey isn’t this what we fought for? I think so, equality on all accounts. I know, I want to throw up too, but it is what it is. So let’s look on the bright side: We are going to get some great song writing out of the ultimate artist which is Mary J. Blige. AND Mary is still in the courts fighting to get this rescended or reduced so let’s keep the faith.

Just know Mary that your girls are here for you and also “hear” for you. So sing our pain!!!! The only way that you can. Kind of like this song: “Love Yourself” Don’t See The Video? Watch The Video Here:


(originally posted on TheyBF.COM) Kendu Isaacs may have wanted over $100K/month in spousal support, but he’s for sure not getting that. Mary J. Blige does have to still cough up a hefty amount to her estranged husband.

Kendu better thank his lucky f-boi stars. He just got a $30,000 spousal support deal.

Courts have now ordered that Mary J. to pay Kendu $30,000 a month as they go through their divorce. And that’s not all. She’s also been ordered to pay this able-bodied man retroactive spousal support dating back to September AND his attorney fees. That total: $235,000.


Kendu originally requested $129,319 a month to help him sustain the lifestyle he’s become accustmed to — including money to take care of HIS kids from a previous marriage. Mary J. popped back previously saying he deserves none of that. One, because those aren’t his kids and two, because he’s been using her money to take care of his new girlfriend…who she alleges he cheated with. Word has it, that new girlfriend is Mary’s live-in mentee, Starshell.

He’s not getting all the stacks he wanted, but Kendu needs to take that cash he will get and go sit in the corner somewhere.

By the way, the courts say Mary & Kendu still owe millions in back taxes and had been living beyond their means.

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