Kanye Wears Slippers to 2 Chainz Wedding – but They Were Yeezies!!

Over the weekend, the rapper 2 Chainz (real name: Tauheed Epps) married his longtime girlfriend, Kesha Ward, at the Villa Casa Casuarina, the Miami Beach mansion that once belonged to designer Gianni Versace. Their wedding featured a white tiger in a cage and cost $300,000, according to TMZ.

But it was quickly upstaged by Kanye West, who arrived in a pair of slip-on sandals that were oddly undersized for his feet. The gray slides, described by some Twitter users as resembling orthopedic shoes, were so small that his heels dangled over the edge. West paired them with a mint green Louis Vuitton suit that he wore without a shirt and, in true Miami retiree style, light-colored socks.

Like many things that West does, the sandals quickly became a source of debate.

On Twitter, one faction mocked the shoes for resembling “air mattresses” or “hospital slippers.” Some jokingly suggested that he had borrowed them from his wife or toddler daughter, or that he had accidentally left his dress shoes behind at the airport. Others commented that West looked like someone who had thrown on the first pair of shoes they saw on their way to take out the trash or help get the groceries out of the car.

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