#MeToo Time’s Person of the Year Cover

So who are the #MeToo Time’s Person of the Year?

Susan Fowler: The former Uber engineer took a big risk last February when she went public with her story of mistreatment at ride-hailing company Uber. In a blog post, Fowler said she showed screenshots of chat messages in which her direct supervisor “was trying to get me to have sex with him” to human resources. The response to her post shifted the balance of power in male-dominated Silicon Valley.

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Sara Gelser: Oregon state senator Sara Gelser detailed in a formal complaint filed in November a years-long pattern of unwanted touching and sexual harassment by Sen. Jeff Kruse and indicated that at least 15 women have similar experiences. The statehouse launched an investigation and relieved Kruse of his committee assignments.

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Adama Iwu: The a lobbyist for Visa, who said she was groped in front of colleagues, organized an open letter signed by 147 women to call out sexual harassment in California’s state politics. The letter launched a state-senate investigation.

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