Is Mo’Nique’s Husband Not Helping Things With Her Career in Hollywood?

Mo’Nique is not backing down from the comments she made about Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey.

Over the weekend, Mo went in on the entertainment moguls during her standup show at the Apollo Theater. In a video posted to Instagram, she accused all three of them of black balling her from Hollywood, and she capped it off by saying they could “suck [her] dick, if [she] had one.”

In a chat with TMZ, Mo insisted on standing up in her truth.

“Everything I say comes from my heart. I’m unapologetic about it,” Mo’Nique told TMZ.

Her husband Sidney Hicks is also standing by her words about getting black balled after Precious came out.

“Lee Daniels was a part of it,” Sidney reiterated, “but Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey–if you remember–were a part of the production of the movie.”

In his estimation, their decision to remain quiet on rumors that Mo’Nique is a diva on the set was just as damaging to her reputation as gossiping about her.

“They stood by and they allowed the statements of her difficulty,” He added, revealing that Mo’Nique would often sit with Lee and watch playback of the day’s filming on the set while they chowed down on crab legs. “That doesn’t sound like you’re having a difficult time with someone.”

Before signing off, Mo let it be known again that she meant everything she said on stage, stating,

“What I would say to Oprah, Tyler, Lee, one about me and my husband, we’re not no hiders. We’re not no runners.”

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