MTV Catfish Episode: “Is There Something Wrong With Black People?”

Talk about being in the Sunken Place – ON PURPOSE. It was interesting when I watched MTV’s Catfish this week and noticed that host Max Joseph was wearing a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt. I was like, ok he’s trying to bring attention to the movement but when I got to the end of the show I realized that he was probably made to wear the shirt because of the bombshell that fell on us all.

The episode kicked off with Colleen emailing Nev and Max for help, saying her online fiancé of three years, Tony, might be lying about his identity — especially since he had no social media presence and refused to meet up or video chat with her.

The heart-wrenching meeting between Colleen and Jeremy (whose middle name is Tony) was certainly bittersweet. An attractive, fit, young, African-American guy, Jeremy admitted to lying about his race due to insecurity. He explained,

“I’m not a stereotypical black guy… I don’t want to be viewed as a stereotype.” Nev then asked, “Non-black women generally assume you’re a certain type of person because of your skin?” Jeremy confirmed, “Yes.”


The meeting with Jeremy’s sister Meka was a tense one. After discovering her younger brother had been posing as a white man online, she was definitely thrown, saying,

“Is there something wrong with black people?” Jeremy then said, “I just don’t mesh well with women of the same… race.” Meka was not happy to hear this and said, “I’m not prejudiced.” She then added, “It just hurts to know… you couldn’t sit down and talk to your sister. You talk to me about everything.”

In the end, Meka appeared supportive of the new couple and Colleen left with a smile on her face and a general glow.

Wait did I just watch a TV version of Get Out??? Well maybe if Get Out had a happy ending where the couple gets married. We’re not sure if Jeremy and Colleen actually get married but by the follow up of the show they were living together, so we’ll see.

After watching this episode however I felt that Jeremy has some SERIOUS psychological issues that needs to be worked out before he can have a healthy relationship with anyone white or black. I felt for him and his sister’s pain. As many of us blacks have suffered from in the United States – a severe case of “GHETTO-ITIS”!! What’s the cure? Understanding? Education? REPARATIONS?? maybe that would help for sure but currently I don’t know if there is a cure for this type of PTSD. Ugh. Stay tuned….

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