Robert Shapiro Advises That Kardashian Family Not Chime In on Rob and Chyna

Rob Kardashian was served with a temporary restraining order on Monday, dictating that he can’t contact his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna. While Chyna has been outspoken about the scandal, the Kardashians and Jenners have yet to speak at all about the highly-publicized scandal.

Chyna took Kardashian to court after he posted sexually explicit images of her on Instagram on July 5th. She has since claimed that he was physically violent with her.

Kardashian’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, said the reality star “regrets” his actions and Kardashian agreed to the temporary restraining order without argument, but the normally chatty famous family has remained silent about the scandal otherwise.


“This is a situation where the crisis communications concerns are secondary to the legal concerns. Everything needs to run through legal. Nobody from the family should speak to the press or post about the scandal on social media without the message being vetted by their legal team,” Pinsker advised. “…If lawyers are actively building a case against your client, you need to be ultra-precise with your language.”


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