Ultra Diva Mariah Carey Wondered Where was Her Hot Tea??

Found my tea!
Mariah Carey @MariahCarey
Source: Mariah Carey Twitter

Mariah Carey preformed in negative degree weather in New York’s Time Square as the ball dropped into 2018. She looked FABULOUS I might add but after singing one song instead of thanking everyone for coming and getting warm off of her Hot Outfit and singing she decided to complain about not having hot tea provided for her as promised!

In notorious Diva fashion the superstar made it clear that she was NOT HAPPY that there was not hot tea out there for her! I thought it was hilarious but Mariah was NOT laughing!! Word to the producer wise don’t joke with Mariah, if you said that you were going to have hot tea (with a little brandy of course) then you better damn well have HOT TEA!! Man you gotta love Mariah!! Give ’em HELL!!!

Watch Video of Mariah’s Live Performance below:

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