Women Break Records in Congress!!


When all the votes are counted, more than 90 women will be members of the House. Women will still be far underrepresented in the halls of Congress come 2019, but their new level of representation surpasses the previous record of 84 women serving in the House. And the overwhelming majority of them – more than 80 – will be Democrats. It’s the culmination of a year that saw a record number of women candidates, especially Democratic women, run and win races for federal office.

Some Democrats may feel a bit of a letdown after Tuesday night because they are projected to lose some of the marquee races that grabbed national attention, like the Florida governor’s race, as well as the Senate race in Texas. And the governor’s race in Georgia is also looking like a GOP victory but the race has not been projected yet and Democrat Stacey Abrams has not conceded. Andrew Gillum in Florida, Abrams in Georgia and Beto O’Rourke in Texas were among the favorites for the Democratic base, and they each came very close. Democrats also lost the governor’s race in Ohio.

Democrats Gain In Governors’ Races, But Miss Chance At History
But Democrats can feel good about finally defeating Scott Walker in Wisconsin after several bruising elections. And that means now in that critical trio of states that President Trump won – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – Democrats now have the governorships in all three. That’s something to think about ahead of 2020.

Democrats will be in charge of the House once again. They stand to pick up between 24 and 32 seats when all the races that are too close to call are finally decided. Democrats needed a net gain of 23 seats to take control of the House. Make no mistake: That is a wave.

Just how big a deal is recapturing the House for Democrats? Imagine a scenario in which Republicans held the House. President Trump and Republicans would consider themselves validated and step on the gas, likely repealing the Affordable Care Act, rolling back more regulations and seeking any other number of policy priorities that Democrats would find odious.

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